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The Pandemic Series

Ebola Virus: The Real Threat and How to Survive It

Ebola is a very real threat to the USAEbola is a horrible disease, and so far there is only talk of a vaccine. People get a fever, headache and then start bleeding out the nose, gums and rectum. Anyone who touches their bodily fluids, such as blood, saliva, urine or semen is likely to catch and spread the disease. Ebola has a 90% kill rate—only 10% of victims survive it.

Most people dismiss Ebola since in is primarily in Africa now. They think there is a vaccine, but there is no proven antidote.  Ebola could spread like a wildfire.



Bird Flu Plague: How You Can Survive the Coming Pandemic

Bird flu is more dangerous than you think

Most people in the US don’t think influenza is a problem. They get their annual flu shot and that’s the end of it for them. Some skip the shot thinking that even if they catch the flu it will be a minor inconvenience.

However, influenza (from birds and pigs) is a powerful virus that has killed nearly 1 million people in the US in outbreaks between 1917 to 2010. This threat is not going away.