Mentoring, Editing & Bookcraft

Get encouragement, insight and practical help with writing, publishing and marketing


You can select between two types of assistance:

Mentoring. This is a longer term relationship where I work with you from idea to finished book. All pricing, details and terms are on my sister site,

Consulting. Make a list of questions and I will answer them. Pricing and full details here.


Editing – Nonfiction & Fiction

Affordable editing. I do both substantive and copy editing.

Substantive (Developmental) editing. I review your first draft and make a wide range of helpful comments. Details about what I address are found here.

Copy editing, also know as line editing. I check your manuscript for grammar, punctuation and clarity. Click to see a complete list of copy editing features and get a free sample edit.



I offer these bookcraft services:

All bookcraft files meet the technical specifications and are ready-to-publish at all major POD printers.