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John Steinbeck's Tips for Writers

John Steinbeck’s Tips for Writers

Read or Listen John Steinbeck was best known for Grapes of Wrath. In my opinion, his best work was In Dubious Battle, and people should read them both, along with Cannery Row and his other...

Vonnegut On How To Plot Fiction

Vonnegut On How To Plot Fiction

Vonnegut on how to plot fiction is a joy to watch because it is a combination of simplicity and genius. Kurt Vonnegut (1922-2007) was one of the greatest writers in the late 20th century. His...

Jack Kerouac's Technique

Jack Kerouac’s Technique

Jack Kerouac wrote one of the seminal books of the 20th Century. It was called, On the Road. It was published in 1957 and was a precursor to many of the alternative social ideals of...