Voice Writing Enhances Quality and Productivity

People say voice writing is the next big thing.

I say, “People have been saying that for years. But the reality is that it’s no longer in the future. It’s happening now!”

In its short form, it is being ushered in by Siri and Cortana. In it’s long form, the kind you can use to write books, (known as continuous speech software) is improving at a very rapid rate.

Voice Writing Advantages

Voice Recognition technology offers creative advantages, and competitive advantages too. Writers can make more money if they’re writing faster.

I’m a big fan of writing fast and well and I’ve written an ebook about it. I have a course that teaches writers how to use voice recognition software. I’ve written blog posts, and I regularly mentor my writing students about maximizing output using voice writing software.

I’m pretty sure you’re reading this because you have a head full of ideas, but not the time to put them into tangible form. You can use voice recognition software to help overcome that issue.

My Experience with Voice Recognition Software

I bought my first voice recognition software back in 1999. It was IBM’s ViaVoice. It was the first continuous speech software available on a desktop computer. Even a bad typist could type faster I think. ViaVoice was sluggish and frustrating, but both faster computers and improved software have solved that problem today.

The IBM technology was folded into Dragon NaturallySpeaking (DNS), currently owned by a company called Nuance. I’ve used many versions of it since 2002.

Dragon voice recognition software advancements, and faster computer chips, have made voice recognition practical.

DNS is the gold standard in voice recognition software. My course provides detailed instructions about how to use it. In addition, I offer techniques that make it easier to shift from typing to voice writing.

Free Voice Recognition Software

In my course, I also discuss some of the free voice recognition software options. Many are very good.

All types of voice writing software, free or paid, can empower writers of fiction and nonfiction books. Continuous speech means you can dictate an entire book.

It is best for first drafts, of course. If you are properly prepared, you can dictate a 5,000 word chapter is about half-an-hour. Most people type about 30-40 words per minute, but everyone can speak 185 word or more per minute.

Writing is a multiple-phase endeavor. So, once you disgorge yourself of your first draft, you can move on to the next phase, which is revision. Seasoned writers know that famed novelist James A. Michener was right when he said, “I’m not a very good writer, but I’m an excellent rewriter.”

Voice writing gives you the power to move quickly to the revision phase.

Voice Writing Accuracy is Excellent

Is speech technology as good as I say? Yes, it is. There is resistance to use it by some writers, but there are always people stuck in the old ways. Some writers claimed they lost their creativity when they moved from a quill pen to a fountain pen, or a fountain pen to a ballpoint.

Other writers were slow to adopt use of a typewriter. Later, typewriter users were slow to use word processing software on computers.

Now, many writers are resisting change to voice writing. But they’ll come around sooner or later, just as they adapted to all the other previous technological changes for writers. Wise writers will make the jump sooner rather than later.

The days of inaccurate voice writing software are history. Yes, you must plan, and learn to use the software properly, but it’s 95% effective when you’re set to use it correctly.

Not 100%? No, 95% is great. Writers are always making corrections and revisions anyway, so voice recognition software can turbocharge your entire writing experience.

Voice writing is as easy to learn as typing.

I have written a course to make the transition from typing to voice writing for writers of all skill levels. I discuss the different types of voice recognition software available. including free voice recognition software. You get insight about the how to use it, including tools (like microphone to use) and techniques.


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“Dictate your book to empower your writing.” This course will help you increase your creativity and your productivity. If you have ever thought about voicing your book instead of typing it, my course will provide the information you need to do it.

Voice writing is the natural progression of writing that started with chiseling words on stone,  then went on to ink scratched on parchment, pen on paper, typewriters and word processors.  Voice recognition software has reached the stage where you can now be more productive and more creative by using it.

Writers are adopting voice technology faster than ever. You need to keep the competitive and creative edge by exploring how it can help you reach your writing goals.

Even if you have tried voice recognition software in the past, the information I provide will give you a new perspective and helpful techniques and tools.

You don’t even need to buy voice recognition software!

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