You Can Be a Writer Starting Today

There are only two essential ingredients to being a writer. The first is that you have a burning desire to express yourself. The second ingredient is that you must be persistent.

If you want to write a book, you must simply write. You don’t need a computer or software, and you don’t need lofty ideas. Grab a pencil and a writing pad and start transforming your thoughts into the words that other people will eventually read.

Why people quit

Most people quit writing after just a few paragraphs or pages. The reason most people quit is because they start listening to their own self-talk. That self-talk says, “That doesn’t sound right.” Or, “Is that the way you spell that word?” Or, the granddaddy of them all, “What will people think?” It is self-doubt that keeps people from learning the craft of writing.

Writers are made, not born. The best writers realize early on that writing is a craft, like knitting a sweater or building furniture. People are not born with the knowledge to do those things. They have a passion to do them, and so they start by studying how something is done, and then they do it themselves. If things don’t turn out exactly right, they find a more skilled craftsmen and learn from that person.

String sentences together

If you want to write, you can start this very moment. Write one word and then more until you have a sentence. String 4-6 sentences together and you have a paragraph. A half-dozen or so paragraphs make a page, and a couple hundred pages make a book.

After you have written your masterpiece, whether it be an article or a fiction or nonfiction book, you want to review structure, spelling and grammar. What if your writing is not so good? No problem – you can spend all the time you want revising your work until you attain the perfection you seek. Writing is one of the few fields of endeavor where “do-overs” are encouraged.

The writing secret

The best way to learn to write is to put words on a page. It is as simple as that. Start now and stick with it until you are finished. There is no other secret to writing. You learn by doing.

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